Emery ONE

Regular price $5,500.00

The Emery ONE: The World's First 3D Printed Carbon Fiber eBike. The ONE is available in three different sizes and a 20mph or 28mph* pedal assist motor option.

The Purchase Details:

  • Orders are fully refundable until a delivery confirmation date is provided by Emery.
  • Orders are currently scheduled to begin shipping out late summer or fall 2019.

  • Sizing and motor options will be confirmed post-purchase.

Founders Edition - This edition is for the innovators who want to see a change in the world. Change the way you move and change the world. Founders receive:

  • Priority - Get the ONE before anyone else
  • Storage - Integrated personalized storage bags embroidered with name and model number
  • Apparel - Limited Founders Adventure Gear
  • Color Options - Limited Founders Battery Cover Vinyl Wrap
  • Insight - The Creators Are Heroes book, which offers a look into the creative minds behind Emery and their process to bring products to market.
Note: Electric bicycle access varies greatly off-road. Respect the trails and only ride on trails that do not prohibit the use electric bicycles.