Movement Sparks Life

Think back to the first time you rode a bike, it wasn't to get somewhere faster. It was to have fun. To be free to go where you wanted. Chase your friends. See new places. Have adventures.

We make Emery bikes for that feeling. To get people moving - young and old, 9-to-5’ers and joyriders. To make them want to go further than they thought they could. Further than yesterday. More open to new people and paths along the way.

That’s the real power of our bikes, and every ride is a chance to feel it. We make them perfect because from your first to your next, every ride matters.

Emery ONE - The World's First 3D Printed eBike

We believe movement sparks life and we need to change the way we move to truly connect more with others, to truly see the world and our place in it. So, we found a way to rethink our approach to e-mobility, and along the way, we’re rethinking the way we manufacture and bring products to market.

Made in America

Onshoring manufacturing at every opportunity is part of Emery's "Movement Sparks Life" mission. We want to reduce our carbon footprint, while increasing sustainable movement.

From start to finish, every frame is built right here in California.

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The Facts


    Bosch Performance Line drivetrain with 63Nm of torque and 600w maximum power output. Available in 20 mph and 28 mph max speed versions.


    With between 25 and 100 miles of range, you are free to go where you want, without waiting in traffic or breaking a sweat.


    Versatile, all-road frame design is fast and efficient in every kind of terrain.

Emery ONE Founders Edition

Our mission is to redefine the way we move. The Emery ONE is our first step.

Every Founders Edition order comes with first access for delivery, Founders Edition Apparel, Founders Edition Battery Cover Vinyl Wrap and insight into the creative minds behind Emery, and their process to bring products to market. This first-of-its-kind product will be limited to 100 eBikes.

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Emery ONE in Action

For Any Road and Every Rider

From daily commutes, to quick jaunts, to road trips, the Emery ONE is built to take you further. It gives you power when you need it, or a workout when you don’t.

So you can take on more roads and see more of your world.

Precision Manufactured in California, For Any Road and Every Rider

Every Frame Flawless

The Emery ONE was born through a partnership with Silicon Valley based Arevo, who specializes in an advanced 3D printing manufacturing process to create a single-piece, ultra-strong, aerospace grade continuous carbon fiber frame.

Each carbon layer is optimally printed and has a recorded codeset guarantying flawless production quality. No welds, no weak points, no compromises.

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An Ultra-Rugged Drive Train.

The Emery ONE is powered by best-in-class Bosch Performance Line drive units. They have the muscle to help you effortlessly accelerate to 20mph or 28mph on the flats, or cruise up the steepest hills with ease.

Advanced lithium-ion batteries can go up to 100 miles. And the on-board computer makes it easy to change assist levels.

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Emery ONE Specs

  • Sizing

    Three size options for heights ranging from 5' to 6'+.

  • Pedal Assist

    Four different levels from Eco mode to Turbo mode.

  • Powerful Brakes

    Powerful 180mm rotors with hydraulic calipers for strong, controlled stopping power.

  • Aerospace Grade Materials

    Ultra-strong, aerospace grade continuous unibody carbon fiber frame.

  • Arevo DNA™

    Every frame is created with Arevo DNA™ guarantying every layer of continuous carbon fiber is optimized in both length and orientation for performance and safety requirements.

  • Safety

    Every frame has recorded codeset guarantying flawless production quality.

  • Built-In Suspension

    Multi-surface, high-volume tires cushion your ride on any terrain, without the weight of a suspension fork.

  • All Day Comfort

    Ergonomic grips, platform pedals and a padded saddle make every contact point comfortable.

  • Made in America

    Onshore manufacturing from start to finish in California.

Emery ONE

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